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Denise is a Healer, Bodyworker, and Yoga Instructor who is passionate about helping others achieve optimal health through the use of yoga, massage, reiki and meditation.

“Denise Karsen gave me back the ability to work each day.  Calm and supportive and by her touch, she can feel everything that may be bothering you.  She was a lifesaver for me.  I had neck surgery and a few months after I was still very stiff and frozen, it was painful every day.  Denise was the only person that was able to unfreeze my neck and shoulders and give me the joyful day that I was longing for.  She is amazing and her technique of Thai-Shiatsu continues to not only relax any stiffness from computer work, but also aids in easing my chronic back issues. I urge you to see her. My life has been changed because of Denise.”

Sue Warriner – Grand Rapids
Spectrum Health

“Denise provides excellent service and very caring treatment.  I always leave feeling very relaxed.”

Abby Darwin